Soumen Basak

NII, New Delhi

Soumen Basak currently acts as the Head of the Systems Immunology Laboratory, National Institute of Immunology. Soumen does research in immunology, cell signaling, systems biology and cancer biology. Soumen Basak was elected Fellow of IASc in 2021.

Soumen Basak

Session 2C: Inaugural Lectures by Fellows/Associates

Rajiva Raman, Varanasi

Investigating Immunoregulatory Roles of Cell Signaling Crosstalk

In their anatomical niche, mammalian cells receive signals from a variety of extracellular cues that activate simultaneously multiple intracellular pathways. However, a myriad biochemical processes link these pathways within an integrated cellular network. By combining biochemistry, mouse genetics, and computational modeling tools, we have been probing plausible crosstalk between these cell signaling pathways and elucidating the role of such cross-regulatory mechanisms in physiology and diseases. In particular, we have been examining crosstalk between the canonical and non-canonical NF- B pathways and those beyond NF- B signaling. Our investigation established an important immunoregulatory role of cell signaling crosstalk in instructing intestinal homeostasis and inflammation. We argue that our crosstalk studies may expand therapeutic opportunities in inflammatory human ailments in the future