Narayan Pradhan

IACS, Kolkata

Narayan Pradhan is a Professor at the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science. He has completed his PhD from IIT, Kharagpur in 2000. His research interests are semicomductors and doped semiconductor nanocrystals, metalsemiconductors and semiconductor-semiconductor heterostructures, photocatalysis using hetero-nanostructures, multinary semiconductor nanostructures, nucleations, growths, catalytic and diffusion-induced crystal growth mechanism, PC and PEC water splitting. Narayan Pradhan was elected Fellow of IASc in 2019.

Narayan Pradhan

Session 1C: Inaugural Lectures by Fellows/Associates

Manju Bansal, IISc

Light-emitting Lead Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals

Lead halide perovskite nanocrystals recently emerged as a new class of optical material extensively used for photovoltaic and light-emitting device applications. With tuning compositions, these can result in red, green and blue (RGB) colour emissions with near-unity photoluminescence quantum yields. These are tiny nanocrystals and are mostly seen as cubic shapes under an electron microscope. Then the question arises: why do these retain a cubic shape? To address this issue, the surface chemistry, their shapes, retaining stable emission, inducing phase stability and most importantly, their facet-induced change in optical properties will be presented. The interesting chemistry in cutting the facets and making new shapes and the excitement of seeing them under an electron microscope will be presented. Moreover, the importance of these materials and their facets inducing different applications will also be discussed.