Somnath Bharadwaj

IIT, Kharagpur

Somnath Bharadwaj is a Professor at the Department of Physics, IIT, Kharagpur. He works in the areas of astrophysics and cosmology. His research is currently focused on using low frequency radio telescopes to study the high redshift universe using the redshifted 21-cm radiation from neutral hydrogen. Somnath Bharadwaj was elected Fellow of IASc in 2021.

Somnath Bharadwaj

Session 1C: Inaugural Lectures by Fellows/Associates

Manju Bansal, IISc

Cosmology with the Redshifted HI 21-cm Line

The redshifted 21-cm line originating from the hyperfine transition in the ground state of neutral hydrogen (HI) appears as a faint background at low frequencies. Observations of the spatial and angular fluctuations in this background radiation hold the potential of allowing us to study various aspects of the evolution of the Universe. In this talk, the predicted signal will be discussed, and also some efforts towards observing this with the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT) will be presented.