Ramendra S Dey

INST, Punjab

Ramendra Sundar Dey is a Scientist at Institute of Nano Science and Technology,Mohali, India. Prior to this, he was a Hans Christian Ørsted postdoc Fellow at Technical University of Denmark, Denmark. He received a PhD in Chemistry at 2013 from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India. He is involved in research in the field of electrochemistry of nanomaterials. His current research is focused on the architecture and engineering of nanomaterials for advanced energy storage technology and non-novel metal nanomaterials for electrocatalysis and hybrid energy technology. Ramendra Sundar Dey was selected as Associate in 2020.

Ramendra S Dey

Session 1B: Inaugural Lectures by Fellows/Associates

R R Navalgund, Bengaluru

Electrochemical Synthesis of Green Ammonia: Prospects and Challenges

Owing to the rapid depletion of non-renewable energy sources, worldwide research is inclined towards the development of alternative approaches with a long-term vision of a sustainable society. In this advent, green hydrogen/green ammonia plays a dominating role towards a safe, reliable and electrified future. Although to meet the practical demands of ammonia, the Haber–Bosch process is the sole option, it deviates from the goal of a “netzero” society. This calls for the electrochemical approach and we have thus keenly focused to develop versatile materials to achieve significant ammonia production using nitrogen reduction reaction (NRR). We have also developed a full NRR electrolyzer on a laboratory scale with state-of-the-art catalysts and opened up an avenue of how energy consumption could be minimized that in turn brings about a better energy-efficient ammonia synthesis. The fundamental relationships between electronic structure, adsorption energy, and apparent activity towards NRR with the goal of providing a better understanding of these emerging research directions will be described.